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Welcome to The Helper

The American Sexual Health Association (ASHA) published the first issue of The Helper in 1979, in response to an overwhelming public demand for unbiased, accurate information about herpes simplex virus infection. The Helper was an essential part of ASHA’s Herpes Resource Center (HRC), the first national outreach center for people with herpes. As the inaugural issue of The Helper stated, the establishment of the HRC was “the first step along a road of hope for the thousands of individuals who have suffered silently for too long.”

Published as a subscription-based publication for more than 30 years, The Helper is now available free online. From testing and treatment options, to the differences and consequences of the different viral types, to the emotional issues of dealing with a stigmatized infection and communicating with intimate partners about it, the articles presented here cover a wide range of issues of interest to our readers and reflect some of the best the newsletter has had to offer over the past three decades along with latest news, research and commentary.


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